Jubilee Afternoon Tea

Britain Loves Baking宣布推出了其禧年系列的四个新成员,适合自己享受全部。英国最喜欢的在线家庭烘焙之家已在其巨大成功的脚步中推出了限量版产品白金禧街派对烘焙盒服务。By the end of the month they will have shipped over 2 Tonnes of baking ingredients to create over 35,000 bakes for 5,000 people to enjoy over the jubilee weekend in the UK, the Middle East and North America to mark the reign of our longest-serving monarch.

The custom boxes take all the hassle and stress from those in charge of organising a local street party, our already-prepared boxes turns your celebration into a fun community baking project for local bakers young and old. They provide everything needed to bake their Platinum Jubilee Street Party Afternoon Tea, included are all the tableware, bunting, balloons, flags, crowns in one box to create the perfect unforgettable Jubilee atmosphere.

However you choose to spend the‘blockbuster’ Bank Holiday weekend,,,,here’s how to make it delicious withBritain Loves Baking’s new products。在令人垂涎的范围内,您会发现豪华的库帕并给下午茶的豪华治疗所需的一切。所有产品均来自不列颠群岛和/或英联邦,以庆祝女王的铂金禧年。由公司的创始人Greg Wixted创建,所有BLB的食谱不仅受女王最喜欢的甜点,烤面包和甜食的启发,而且还受到她的孩子,宏伟的Chidden和曾孙的启发。

The new limited edition range includes aPLATINUM JUBILEE AFTERNOON TEA FOR TWO;handmade and packed featuring all the Royal’s favourite patisserie and tarts in miniature form. The box includes a selection烤加冕鸡肉和奶酪和洋葱果酱蛋art,神禧麻木,手工和冰冠脆饼,橙色巧克力冰箱蛋糕,我们的William&Catherine的婚礼蛋糕食谱的版本。还包括Summer Raspberry St George cupcakes,富人和zingylemon posset & white chocolate truffleswith edible Platinum, our showstoppermirror glazed chocolate & blackberry cakefor two, topped with a crown and蓬松的光草莓和巴哈马香草烤饼with strawberry preserve, lashings of clotted cream and a 20g bag ofJubilee blend loose leaf tea. RRP £60 (delivery included).For those who would prefer to make these delicious Jubilee treats, the box comes as aDIY AFTERNOON TEA BAKING KIT,,,,with everything weighed, measured to serve a family of 4RRP £50.

THE PLATINUM JUBILEE AFTERNOON TEA GARDEN PARTYfor 6, comes packed with the same tarts, bakes, and sweet treats for six adults. As well as all the bunting, balloons, bamboo tableware sets, union jack cups & napkins, crowns, and reusable champagne flutes to create your Jubilee Party Garden,RRP £210 includes nationwide overnight delivery.

英国喜欢烘焙并没有在一生的庆祝活动中一次忘记年轻的面包师,他们的孩子们爱面包团队创造了一种创造的,这是他们与他们的创新和有趣的方式一起学习烘焙白金禧年儿童烘焙课程盒and includes all the ingredients to prepare a7英寸橙巧克力冰箱蛋糕,我们心爱的女王和她的孙子最喜欢的甜点。所有成分都包含在设计并制作自己的脆饼冠andof course, asplendid 7-inch Victoria sponge cake and Jubilee Macarons有足够的零食,为六位年轻客人举办自己的禧年派对。RRP£29。

创始人格雷格·威克斯特(Greg Wixted)在评论发布时说:“We really wanted to do something fun and different but authentically British when we started to look at both the baking course and Afternoon Tea. As the only baking brand who make an afternoon tea baking box, we thought making a fresh one was a natural progression, and we injected a lot of fun into the different bakes to create visually stunning and delicious Afternoon Tea and garden party boxes”

He continues “The kids option one was a lot harder, we spent a lot of time trying to find the right balance of fun educationally and technically, we wanted to make sure our younger bakers could master the dreaded Macaron. But with a bit of baking magic we have the process down to 2 simple steps, even my five year old nephew can now make them perfectly every time and better than me!

所有盒子都从今天开始出售www.britainlovesbaking.com,,,,from Uber Eats and a Picnic version through a selected retail partner. The fresh Afternoon Tea boxes will be available until the end of the summer and the Kids Course and Baking Kit until the end of the year.